Vocations: Brothers, Sisters, Converse, Donates (or Oblates)


God Calls Us:

Like all religious life, the Hermit of Saint Bruno life is the response to a call from God. It is not we ourselves that decide on such a vocation, it is a gift we receive. It is not a simple personal choice, it is a story of love, a story of two. It is out of love that Jesus invites certain men and women to follow him in solitude in the mountains, in order for them to live with him and contemplate the splendour of his face.

« Since the beginning of time, Christ, Son of God, has chosen, by the Holy Spirit, men to lead them in solitude to unite them in an intimate love. »

And We Answer:

This calling from God is left to the freedom of man; God offers, He does not impose. Today we are bombarded with images, news, advertising and can add to the distractions and make it more difficult for us to listen and to hear this call. Rarely known and seldom viewed with esteem, contemplative life is so far from and seems so contrary to what the modern world holds valuable, that few are able to feel the appeal. Nevertheless, today, like yesterday, candidates continue to come to our doors.

So what exactly do we expect from you?

A profound desire of consecrating their lives to prayer and the search of God in love. «My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?» (Psalms 42:2) The ideal contemplative must have an attraction or desire for solitude, for it is the framework within which the majority of the monk’s life takes place. Hermits of Saint Bruno are hermits in the proper sense, yet because we so dispersed there is a communal aspect which we do not disregard and we use modern technology to overcome this hurdle. It is thus imperative that the candidate not only have a penchant for solitude, but for communal life as well. Then there are other indispensable qualities and character traits, mental balance and judgment that are also considered before admittance. We can further add: a maturity capable of preparing oneself to make a lifetime commitment to a new way of life, a spirit of faith and openness that must let itself be led by obedience. One should also be in good health to follow this ascetical life style.

The call to the Hermits of Saint Bruno life will often manifest itself by a desire which might suddenly appear, following a significant spiritual experience, or slowly over time over the years. In practice, it is not easy to judge from a distance the proper traits and aptitude of the candidate. This is why it is necessary to help discern God’s calling. Several steps will need to be taken.

Before making the decision you should:

Those who wished to join the Hermits of Saint Bruno must, above all, grow in their desire for prayer. Such a decision does not happen out of a whim. They must then contact the Novice master at St. Mary’s Hermitage, explaining in as great a detail why they are attracted to the Hermits of Saint Bruno life also giving some details about themselves (age, work, family situation etc.). We will need to build a picture of you on paper before we can proceed, it will not happen overnight.  They might also be asked to provide additional information.

Please contact only the Novice Master with regard to your vocation, do not email every email address that we have listed, as we are really dislike this kind of approach.  Your enquiry will be addressed, you will just need patience.

For those who cannot commit entirely to the structure of our order we have alternatives:

Donates (Oblates) – a layperson living at home under a modified rule and without vows. This is also open to all christians who wish to pursue a more structured prayer life.

Converse Brother or Sister – for those already in Holy or Religious Orders

Our apologies but the Vocation Programme page is Currently under Construction and we are currently not accepting application.  Please return soon for an update.