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This eremitic community is only possible by the generous support of friends like you. supportWhile the Hermitage is an officially recognised Catholic organisation it receive no direct financial support from the Church.  Donations, whilst few and rare are always welcome and allow us to continue our Eremitic life and Charism.


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A Hermit of Saint Bruno at Prayer
A Hermit of Saint Bruno at Prayer

Prayer requests and intentions of Holy Mass. We are pleased to include prayer requests in our daily recitation of the Psalms. St. Bruno’s intercessory power before God is astounding. Post your prayer or pray for the intentions of others. To post your prayer request, type in the box below and click submit. Your prayers will be submitted to our administrator for inclusion in our daily community prayers.

N.B. We have recently received lengthy multiple requests by one individual. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to accommodate such lengthy requests by individuals as these types of requests begin to hinder and disrupt our normal daily Horarium and Eremitic life. It has therefore, unfortunately necessitated our limiting the number of requests made by an individual to either: A prayer for yourself and/or your family per week, or a prayer for another person and/or their family per week.

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Saint Bruno’s Elixir

Once a year one of our brothers makes a monastic herbal liqueur, only 12 bottles are made at St. Mary’s Hermitage near Canterbury Kent. Prepared from a secret Sicilian recipe known only to Brother Paolo and results in a hazelnut liqueur that has an ABV of 40% and is 70% proof, incorporating fermented cereal grains, hazelnuts, 5 herbs and 2 fruits.  1 bottle is given to our bishop, 1 is given to Fr. Prior and 4 as gifts to supporters of St. Mary’s Hermitage.  The 6 remaining bottles are sold. To purchase a 50 cl. bottle of St. Bruno’s Elixir (£ 37.00 not including postage and packaging) please contact the Hermitage.

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