Holy Week with the Family during COVID19 and a Message from Dom. Ugo-Maria

Dom Ugo Coat of Arms Ⓒ 2015

Laudetur Iesus Christus, et Maria Immaculata.

The hermit of San Bruno is offering everyone some assistance so as “not to give up their Easter Obligations of prayer and celebration, through the different forms of spiritual communion” which we obtained from Rome (CEI — Conferenza Episcopale Italiana — The Italian Conference of Bishops) which Fr. Ugo-Maria Has kindly translated for your use and which has been authorised for use at home by the laity during these exceptional times when we are forced to remain at home to keep our families safe.

Family worship at home during Pascal Season downloadable by clicking on title below:

Pascal Liturgy to be use at home by families during the COVID19 Pandemic

Fr. Ugo-Maria apologises for any errors in the attached pdf form of translated worship but he had to rush through this labour so that we might deliver it on time to all of you.  It has been posted without checking it and therefore you may find some anomalies. He asks for your understanding and Venia.

We would ask you to pray for all those who daily risk their lives and those of their families by going outdoors to serve those in need.  Our Emergency Services, doctors, nurses, care workers, veterinarians, scientists, laboratory technicians… the list is endless.  Please take a moment and remember them in your prayers, their selfless act has enabled us to continue.

It is most certainly an unprecedented Holy Week through which we are living. The emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic prevents Christian communities around the world from being able to celebrate our usual rites in the next few days together.

The Hermit of Saint Bruno celebrates the Sacrament of Mass for everyone each day at St. Mary’s Hermitage during this pandemic. The churches will be open, but the celebrations will be carried out with the total absence of all the faithful. A situation that parishes around the world have now been experiencing for weeks with the celebration of Masses with the absence of the people and where possible a transfer, of some of the pastoral actions to online outlets, especially during this unusual time of Lent.

And right in front of the situation that the Church is experiencing, the church has decided to offer everyone a benefaction “so as not to abandon our Pascal Obligations of prayer and celebration, the Church has offered alternative forms of spiritual communion”.

In short, the Church brings into play an instrument with which “to make one’s home a space for prayer and celebration”. The PDF – can be downloaded directly from this page by clicking on the title in brackets (Pascal Liturgy to be use at home by families during the COVID19 Pandemic) — regards the celebrations of Palm Sunday, the Easter Triduum and Easter. Families and individuals are offered for each day a pattern of prayer, meditation and gestures to be done to place themselves in communion with the whole Church.

The invitation for each of these celebrations is to identify in your home a place intended for prayer in recollection. Mum and Dad are invited to “preside over” the celebrations and to act as guides, but children are also asked to make gestures, which, emphasises the aid, “make the great signs of the liturgy found at home”.

It starts with Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. For the home celebration, the aid suggests the use of some olive branches (or a green plants), a crucifix and a lamp. The outline provides for an introduction, the recitation of some Psalms and then the proclamation of the Gospel of Matthew which speaks of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. At the end, a prayer with several voices and the final invocation of the “blessing of the Father”. There is also a meditation to read after the Gospel.

The Bible, the crucifix, an icon of the Virgin and a candle are the elements used in the celebration for the evening of Holy Thursday, which commemorates the institution of the Eucharist. Psalms and Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians are provided within the prayer scheme, always with an attached meditation text.

The structure of the celebration scheduled for Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ death, the culmination of his Passion, is not very different. Bible, candle and crucifix are the elements required during the rite. The reading of the Passion according to the Gospel of John can be done in several voices, also to truly involve all the members of the family. As happens in the normal liturgy of the Passion, also in this case the aid provided for the recitation of the intercession prayers, introducing, among other things, the one that reminds “the poor and the troubled, especially in the present time: Lord remove the pandemic, drive away hunger , give peace, extinguish hatred and violence, grant health to the sick, strength and support to health workers, hope and comfort to families, eternal salvation for those who have died”. At the end, before the final blessing, a moment of prayer in memory of Baptism.

The proposal for the celebration of the Easter Vigil with the family on Holy Saturday is really intense. We try to retrace the path of this which is “the mother of all vigils”, from the departure of the celebration in the dark to the ritual of the skylight, from the recitation of the “Rejoice the choir of angels” to the blessing of the fire. And also in this “home” Vigil some readings are proposed before the announcement of the resurrection, underlined by the chant from the Alleluia. It continues with the blessing of the water with the renewal of the baptismal promises. Obviously it will not be possible to receive communion, but families are invited to place a broken bread in the centre of the place chosen for prayer, next to the lit candle, the Bible and the water, invoking the blessing of the Lord.

Finally here is Easter. The aid offers a moment of prayer in the family before the meal, with the recitation of some psalm, listening to the Gospel of John on the resurrection of Jesus and the blessing by the parents of their children, in memory of their Baptism. The last act was the blessing at the meal Table “whilst anticipating — underlines the text offered by the Church — the Eucharist”.

The Conference of Bishop’s having indicated in their communiqué the for the celebration of Holy Week to all the dioceses. It concerns the transposition of the norms foreseen by the Congregation for divine worship: it is celebrated in the absence of the faithful in parishes and cathedrals. No blessing of the olive branches tomorrow, postponement of the Chrism Mass on Thursday evening, no washing of the feet, and placing of the Blessed Sacrament in private form, only the celebration of the Passion on Good Friday, omission of the blessing of the fire in the Easter Vigil, without Baptisms and distribution of blessed water.

Fr. Ugo-Mary pray’s for you, says Mass for you, and send you his fraternal embrace and benediction.  He implores you to remain safe, He implores you to keep praying and not to give up ‘because Jesus is always at your side’, and he implores you to please not forget to say your Rosary ‘it is imperative not to forget — at this time it is most important for you and your family, your neighbours.  Our Lord Jesus will guide you and the Virgin Mary will be your shield during this time of adversity’



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