Our Apologies

We realise that we have not posted anything for some time and you may have been wondering why? For this we apologise to our friends and readers and explain…

There are two reasons for our neglected postings at this time, the first Fr. Ugo-Maria our prior and editor as many of you know has now had two operations successfully, yet his treatment has made him extremely ill and his recuperation is taking somewhat longer than we had hoped. As he himself states “old machinery takes much longer to fix”. We ask you to pray for his speedy recovery as he continues to pray for all of you every day.

The second reason being the construction work to improve the hermitage had some delays and seem to moving forward sporadically, furthermore our location is somewhat remote and we have several power cuts a week which brings our online presence to a complete standstill. Our Horarium, services and our disciplines remain unaffected.

Please remember to pray for Dom. Ugo-Maria’s swift recovery.

May the Lord walk always at your side.


Bro. Paolo



  1. Dear Brother,

    Praying for the swift recovery of Dom

    In caritate Xp.,


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