When a Social Network Company becomes a Secret Government Agency

fbblockWe are in the process of leaving Facebook we have tried this once before but our friends and family decided it was too much effort and we found ourselves alone in Diaspora. We understand that it is somewhat difficult for friends who have no desire to migrate with you to an alternative social networking platform, and there are always some other issue which may prevent this.  

Nevertheless our reasons for slowly migrating to MeWe are:

1. When posting Christmas wishes to our friends and family in December FB decided to block our moderators account for spamming abuse.  

2.  FB again blocked our moderators account for posting a video of our friend’s ordination stating that the video that he had made contravened copyright? When we asked who’s copyright we received no reply…

3. FB persistently block, remove items without explanation. 

4. They just blocked our bishops account for 3 days for commenting on his own post.  

5.  When someone has a genuine issue with FB and they use FB’s own complaints system to raise an issue, one would expect a reply.  Instead FB ignore you and give no reply — basically leaving you hanging…

When Facebook works in collusion with Governmental Security Agencies and aspiring Star-Chamber organisations like the Atlantic Council in deleting, blocking or banning comments and sites on the ground of  national security, using clandestine methodologies, thus opening the portal to ephialtēs of opportunities that you would only find in dystopian and Orwellian works of fiction such as 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Land of the Blind or Equilibrium.

new facebook logo
Suggested New Facebook Logo

Perhaps it is time that FB rebranded their name and logo to Libria and gave all of their subscribers a daily injection of “Prozium II” to suppress all of our emotions. Perhaps the Father of FB Mark Zuckerberg should now be addressed as the “Tetragrammaton” and only communicate propaganda through giant video screens throughout the internet.  One can only hope that the FB censors also known as the “Grammaton Clerics” will leave this post up long enough for people to appreciate the irony of how a social platform ended up becoming a secret Government agency.

As far as I can recall The Human Rights Act of 1998 §1., Pt. 1., Article 10 states “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.”


Whilst in the USA In a 9–0 decision, the Supreme Court extended the full protection of the First Amendment to the Internet in Reno v. ACLU, a decision that struck down portions of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, a law that prohibited “indecent” online communication (that is, non-obscene material protected by the First Amendment). The court’s decision extended the same Constitutional protections given to books, magazines, films, and spoken expression to materials published on the Internet. Congress tried a second time to regulate the content of the Internet with the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). The Court again ruled that any limitations on the internet were unconstitutional in American Civil Liberties Union v. Ashcroft (2002).

I personally believe that FB should stick to being a social network provider and leave the respective internet police forces in our democratic countries to do their jobs and keep the internet safe.  FB you are an Incorporated Company not a Government… not yet anyway!

Fr. Vincent Ginex


  1. I was thinking about making an alternative if only I had more time. I have everything I need in place. It wouldn’t have all the functionality of Facebook, but it would be a social network like it that could be Catholic. I just don’t have time to invest in a project like that where there is no investment or compensation since I have bills to pay. They say for a site like that to be viable, you have to find a way to monetize it, because otherwise how do you compensate the developers, etc.. Barry

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    1. Good to hear from you again Barry, I hope you are well God willing. Have you considered funding it through Catholic advertising or sponsorship rather than going commercial. I fund this site through generous donations from Catholic ethical businesses who only occasionally want a mention. Alternatively there is funding available through Catholic organisations. The World Council of Churches have also been known to fund certain projects. We rely on funding as we have no income at all due to our vows. Perhaps you should have a word with your Bishop and VG having their backing could be invaluable in creating a catholic social networking platform. There are also organisations that create Catholic apps like Laudate, Confession etc check out https://catholicapps.com/13-best-catholic-apps-for-2017/, Great idea one we hope will succeed. We pray it will happen.

      Bro. Paolo


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