A Night at La Grande Chartreuse

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A night at La Grande Chartreuse

Extract of article:

“The legend on the left is painted on the door of every cell occupied by a monk of the silent Order of Carthusians. To pray always for those who never pray; to pray for those who have done you wrong; to pray for those who sin every hour of their lives; to pray for all sorts and conditions of men, no matter what their colour, no matter what their creed; to pray that God will remove doubt and scepticism from the world, and open all human eyes to the way of faith and salvation. Such is the chief duty of the Chartreux. That the lives of these men is a continual prayer would seem to be an undoubted fact; but they are more than that — they are lives of silence under exceptional circumstances.”

Taken from The Strand Magazine Illustrated Monthly Vol. I.  January to June 1891, this article was written by the British journalist Mr. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock Esq.  It has been edited in its original format by Dom Ugo Ginex Er. Dio. of St. Mary’s Hermitage under the  Public Domain Mark 1.0.  It holds no copyright.

This was a monthly magazine founded by George Newnes. It was published in the United Kingdom from January 1891 to March 1950. Probably the most popular of the ‘illustrated periodicals’ popular in late Victorian and Edwardian times, the Strand Magazine had a regular circulation of over 400,000 copies a month for many years.
The typical Strand Magazine issue contains a mixture of serialised stories for adults, general interest non-fiction, and material for children. Much well-known fiction was first serialised in the Strand Magazine, most notably the short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The magazine is highly illustrated, normally containing well over 100 illustrations in every issue.