“Gott Allein” – by Brother Hans Jakob Bürger.

Gott Allein: ​​Book of revelations, prayers, and contemplations in the tradition of the Carthusians – The Marian Office of the Carthusians By Bro. Hans Jakob Burger.

The Carthusians are perhaps the most mysterious order of the Catholic Church. Forget the rest of the world, they live day and night for God alone.

With “Gott Allein”, for the first time, there is an extensive book of devotions, prayers, and studies in the tradition of the Carthusians. The most important part of the book is the Marian Office. Among the carthusians in the Latin language, “Gott Allein” also offers a German translation. Thus also the modern prayers have access to the spiritual treasure of the Carthusians.

In a second part the reader finds writings by the great medieval Carthusian Ludolf of Saxony. Furthermore, extracts from the records of the Swiss Carthusian Anton Jans, who died too late, and another monk from the Carthusian monastery, La Valsainte, appear.

The Carthusians from France and the Marienau write in Germany about the prayers of detachment and simplicity. In conclusion, “Gott Allein” also offers unpublished texts of an unnamed contemporary carthusian.


Currently an English version is being edited and we will bring you news of when it becomes available.

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