The Hidden in the Desert — Citydesert

Not far from The Hermitage are the remains of what was once a vast industrial site, a desert of collapsing bricks and decaying corrugated iron, piles of rubble, splitting concrete roadways, the remnants of once busy and productive factories. Much of it is now being cleared and converted into another form of wilderness: densely populated […]

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  1. Dear Ugo, It was good to find another person who shares my regard for Father Andrew! Welcome to Agnellus mirror, please keep in touch. Your desert in the city – let’s hope that there will be many loving homes there. Will T.


    1. Dear Will T,

      I administer the online presence for Fr. Ugo as he does not communicate outside of the hermitage. I would like to thank you for your kind comments and did pass your comments on to him, he smiled and clasped his hands “happy, thank you, he will remember you in his prayers”.

      Fraternal regards

      Bro. Paul
      Hermitage guardian.


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